Saturday, April 04, 2009

Store Review: Salty Yarns

I visited Salty Yarns for the first time. It's located on the Boardwalk in Ocean City, Maryland, between 8th and 9th Streets.

It's much bigger than I expected, and is it ever packed with stuff! And you all know the way to my heart - yes, they had tons of Mirabilias. It's been such a long time since I got to physically leaf through a big stack of Mirabilia patterns, which was great. I can always buy them online, but it's not quite the same, eh? They had a ton of patterns overall. They also had: a ton of fabrics, specialty threads, Sudberry boxes, scissors - just about everything to do with stitching you could think of.

If you look at their website (http://www.saltyyarns.com/), they also host stitching events and classes a couple of times a year. The upcoming stitcher's retreat is VERY tempting!

Predictably, I got a couple of Mirabilia patterns: Royal Holiday, Lilly of the Woods, and Mermaid of Atlantis. If I were someone who liked keeping a lot of stash, I could have gone nuts in there :-)

Overall I really liked Salty Yarns, and would recommend a visit if you're ever in the area or feel like a day trip to the beach.

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LadyDoc said...

I haven't been to Salty Yarns in several years but it was always one of my favorite shops anywhere. DH has suggested a long weekend this spring in Ocean City so I'm hoping to get there soon.