Saturday, May 02, 2009

At Last....

Not only is Summer Queen finished, but I have FINALLY finished the entire seasonal Mirabilia Queens set. Only took me 10 years to do it!

More tomorrow...I'm exhausted.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic! She is beautiful...and to have ALL the seasons done too must be a wonderful feeling!
alicia in Hawaii

Miss 376 said...

Well worth the wait, they are going to make a fantastic collection

lenna said...

Oh, she is so gorgeous and all of them done ~ WOW!
Just stunning!
God Bless get some rest.

lenna said...

I have ordered the online 22 class and got the zips done for the Holland Springtime Sampler and it is really a beautiful Mandala. I have also always been so fascinated with her designs so when I found one of hers online I jumped at the chance to buy it. Now I just need the material and supplies then I can finally start stitching on it. Guess I had better take out that loan, too.
Take care I like your blog!

j39jones said...

Gorgeous! Fantastic work and you must be thrilled to have all seasons finally done! It does give a happy dance inside when you get a complete set of patterns completed!