Friday, November 13, 2009

Royal Holiday by Mirabilia

Royal Holiday is sometimes refered to as Christmas Queen, and is done in the style of Mirabilia's seasonal Queens - she's more of a companion piece than one of the series.
I started her a week ago; it's been a rather stressful week so I've been stitching when I can because it really helps clear my head. She's being stitched on cream Belfast linen rather than the antique white that I used for the other Queens; I think that it will contrast all the white in the piece nicely.
I still have to order some of the beads and the metallic threads, but as I don't do them until the end, I have plenty of time. I am omitting the Whisper thread used for her cloak, because I really dislike working with it. I'll either be using straight DMC white, or I may blend the DMC white with a metallic floss.
She's done for this rotation, and will come up again in a few weeks. Up next: Edith Wolford by Silver Lining, which is a beautiful purple and orange iris.


Chiloe said...

She's beautiful: I have her also in my stash !!!

Blu said...

Looking good. And that's a nice bit of progress for just a week!

Sarah said...

I also omitted the Wisper thread when I stitched her in 2005. I have no regrets and I still LOVE looking at the finished project! :)

HerBoudoir said...

I hear you! I just used plain white on Autumn Queen in place of the Wisper. Since the cloak on Winter Queen was white floss mixed in with the Wisper, I blended white floss with a white metallic in place of the Wisper there. Both look fantastic without it, so I'm not inspired to torture myself by using it here.