Thursday, November 19, 2009

Fourteen Shades of Orange and Yellow

So here's Edith Wolford after a week of working on her. And yes - there are FOURTEEN shades of orange and yellow there...ack! I had to card up all of the floss in order to keep the cut strands straight - once I cut floss, I rewrap on the card. Clearly stitching grid by grid is really working for this piece - it's moving along quite quickly now. I really love the orange and purples together - where else but in nature could you get away with that?

The folds on the iris petals will be a lot more distinct once they are backstitched.

Up next in rotation: Back to Knotgarden from Chatelaine!


Blu said...

Wow that's a lot progress! But 14 shades!? Excessive, but I suppose it brings minute variations...

HerBoudoir said...

I think all of the colors (and yes, my nemesis, confetti stitching) make it what it is - no one does flowers like Silver Lining. I've been in love with the designs ever since I first saw them.

What's REALLY fun are the ones where he blends Anchor floss with DMC - ack!

Ineke said...

All those shades do make it a real beauty!