Saturday, December 05, 2009

Mermaid of Atlantis

I thought I was starting Mermaid of Atlantis fresh last week but apparently I jumped the gun a couple of months ago when I first kitted her up. When I opened up her box to get her started, quite a bit of the "core" of the body was done - just two colors, but it gave me a nice place to work off of this week to get to this point.

This is one very bling-y mermaid - tons of metallics and beads, and a few Waterlillies thrown in just in case she wasn't fancy enough. She's also rather petite, which means she'll be a quick stitch compared to some of the other Mirabilias. The fabric is Picture This Plus 32 count Fathom.

I have started on some of the metallics but I'll wait until all of the stitching is done to add the beads. I prefer to work on Q-snaps, and I won't put the snaps over beaded areas. MoA is small enough I can just bead her on a large Qsnap frame; for larger projects, I use the dreaded scroll frame (NOT my favorite - they never hold the fabric tightly enough).

I only got one Waterlillies Espresso, so I'm probably not going to have enough of that for her. It's not my favorite Waterlillies (it was on Fairy Idyll as well), so I will probably change up the border a bit rather than ordering more.

I have a little bit of a dilemma. It's that time of the year - I've started thinking back about what projects I've started and what projects I've finished this year. I've been doing really well with rotation stitching the last month, but there's a part of me wondering if I wouldn't rather work on something that might be able to be finished during the year. There are three candidates that could feasibly be finished over the next month. Hmmmm....we shall see. Part of me NEEDS another big finish - I haven't had one since May. May!!! But the balance of that is that I have quite a few more projects going than I normally do - seven, rather than my usual three or four, and most of them have significant progress on them.

We'll see ~ it's been a rough couple weeks of school so it's a bit of indulgence that I suspect I could use.

You may have notice I've been playing around with the set up of the blog a bit lately. I like the labels, since it can help find specific posts. It does make me laugh that there's lots of small labels but a HUGE Mirabilia one LOL


Blu said...

Atlantis looks gorgeous!
Good luck sorting out the rotation vs the HD.
I have what can only be called a lapsed screaming rotation. I have a bunch of stuff I work on. But if I find one I really like then I stitch that exclusively until I get to the beads/backstitch/realize that I'm missing a colour. Then it goes into the "pile" and I either pull something else out or start something.
Currently the pile has three things that could be finished in about four hours, but they will not be finished this year. Sigh.
Anyway have fun sorting out your mess~

Mel said...

She looks great so far. I don't like the colour of the border so when I do stitch her I am changing the colour.
I need to start a Mira again. I haven't worked on one for ages.

Meari said...

Atlantis looks good. I'm not one for rotations so I work on whatever I feel like at the time. I find that smaller finishes in between doing BAPs give me the "finish" satisfaction I need. :)