Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ultimate WIP - DONE

I graduate high school in 1989, and started college that fall. A few years later, for a variety of reasons, I dropped out.

In late 2004, I gave up my life in Pennsylvania, moved home with my parents to give college another try.

In spring 2005, I started Chesapeake College (2 year community college. I served as President of Alpha Sigma Pi, our chapter of Phi Theta Kappa (once a Kappan, always a Kappan!) I graduated from Chesapeake College with an AAS in May 2007.

I transfered to the University of Maryland Eastern Shore that fall. Qualified for and joined the Golden Key Honour Society and Delta Sigma Pi Honor Society.

I finished my LAST exam today, and will graduate with a BS tomorrow.

20 years in the making: My biggest WIP.



Blu said...

Congratulations! Best of luck with your future goals.

Sew Wilde said...



Stephanie M. said...

Congratulations, that is a huge accomplishment!!