Monday, March 08, 2010

Cruising Along on Mermaid of Atlantis

It really seems like I'm smoking through her, but the progress on Mermaid of Atlantis is somewhat deceptive because she's a petite thing compared to say, the Queens.   No worries - I'll take it!

That said - the Mermaid is finished stitching, except for the backstitching and beading, which is fairly exciting!   I still need to do the borders.   I started the scrollwork at the bottom, then there's the shell/fish motifs and the frame.

I am going to be working on her solidly until she's complete now.  I'm jonesing for a big finish, plus I'd love to start one of the new projects I have lined up.

The only think I'm concerned with is that I'm starting to run low on one of the Waterlilies (Espresso), which is supposed to be used for the outside border.   I may use Umbria instead (one of the other Waterlilies used on MoA) since I seem to have a lot of that left and it would still look really nice. 

There's not a ton of backstitching but there's a LOT of beads to go on yet.


Terri said...

This looks amazing. I cannot wait to see you finish it :)

Josie said...

Looking fabulous. Beading is my favorite part. Back stitching is not. Looking forward to your finish.