Sunday, March 07, 2010

The Land of Not-Quite-Finished Projects Part 3: Rose Work

I really love roses, so it's no surprise they show up in my needlework fairly regularly. I believe these are all from "The Ultimate Book of Roses", one of those jumbo leaflet type things with lots of designs. Only one of these is dated - 1999 - but they're all from about the same time period. I originally had in mind to do a bunch of pillow tops for my bed; obviously they got stitched but never made into pillows LOL Such is life.

This "Welcome" is a bit small to frame for an entryway (but could in theory be put OVER a doorway); it was intended for a roll pillow. And another rose pillow top:
There are actually two of these spray of roses. I had two narrow windows in my bedroom of my one apartment and had hung lace panels up for curtains. These were intended to be sewn up as drawbacks for those lace curtains, which I still think would be very pretty. The design is just perfect for that use.
And this is the big rose: it's about 10 x 8 inches so it's quite a large, detailed piece.
I still really love this - probably not to frame but I'll use it for something at some point.

It's interesting how we evolve as stitchers. Not long after doing these, I discovered Silver Lining; although these are pretty, they really do not compare.


Anonymous said...

I so love roses too. That last one pictured is stunning, so detailed and all with the little dew drops in it. Beautiful work, as always.

Carolyn NC said...

Beautiful - all of them!

Meari said...

They're all lovely!