Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Land of Not-Quite-Finished-Projects Part 5: Samplers

Ahhh samplers...you just can't stitch without seeing patterns for samplers everywhere - every magazine, needlework shop, stitching group.  Any antique shop that you go into has at least a couple hanging on the walls.  Originally designed as a way to teach different needlework techniques and motifs to young girls as well as the alphabet and numbers, samplers have been around for hundreds of years.  It's no surprise they are still popular today.

I don't do a lot of samplers myself but I still find myself drawn to some of them.  For example, the Chatelaine Mandalas, like Knotgarden, are a type of sampler, and I'm looking forward to starting Long Dog Sampler's Scarlet Ribands.

It should be no surprise that there's a stack of samplers in my "Not Quite Finished" pile either.

This one is from 1996, when I was going through a Celtic design phase (there's more Celtic themed stitching but that will be in another post).  I know I found the design in a magazine, but am not sure which one - it's long gone at this point.   I still really like this design and might have a go at framing it myself sometime.

From 1997;  no idea where I found the pattern.  Not surprisingly we see a rose/floral theme here, which is consistent with my general tastes.

From 1998.  I seem to remember this being from a very popular designer but couldn't tell you who. It's a bit primitive for my tastes now, so I don't know that I'd do anything with it at this point.

And finally, four individual pieces that are a "set"  - not exactly a sampler per se but it's got the same feel.   No date on these but they're done on aida, so probably pre-1998 at least. 

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