Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Land of Not-Quite-Finished-Projects Part 6: Fairies

So these are the projects that I truly do not know what to do with them.     
When I started work on them, I had a misfire on a Mirabilia (it's just not a good idea to do your first Mirabilia as your first 32 count linen project LOL) and I think I was looking for something easier with the same feel to them.  Meh.  Not quite.  

I think the problem is that compared to the Miras, they're childish.  If there's any more nieces (or more likely, grand nieces) in the family, I could do something with them, or perhaps to a friends' child.   Anyway, they're just not my cup of tea anymore so I won't bother framing or the like.

Obviously, I put quite a bit of work into them once upon a time so I hate to get rid of them or give them away to someone who won't appreciate them.   No worries;  they've been packed away for a couple of years so there's no hurry to find them a new home.

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