Thursday, April 08, 2010

Got My Hocus Pocus!

As many of you know, Enchanted Fabrics is closing down.   I had my eye on a piece of Hocus Pocus as a background for Mirabilia's Christmas Elegance, so got my order in for that before Enchanted stopped taking orders.
Here's the fabric:

And of course, I had to do a floss drop with it (don't have the beads/metallics yet):

I think this will be really pretty as the night sky for Elegance, which is the only part of the fabric that will show.  I'll have to play around with which side will show; however, I don't plan on starting this project until I get my other Christmas Mirabilia, Royal Holiday, completed.  Given that I've only just got her started....lol.   Anyway, suffice to say, she'll be waiting for a bit, but I had to get the fabric I wanted while it was still available.  


Andie said...


Kathy A. said...

We should do a SAL on Royal Holiday. I am struggling to get mine done and maybe this would help

Her Boudoir said...

I could do that...I'm about to get back into rotating projects one week at a time so that means Royal Holiday would be up for a week of work about once every other month.