Monday, May 10, 2010

2.2 flower urns

It didn't take me a full rotation (7 days) to do my bedroom doily project, so I took on those extra few days to work longer on Knotgarden.   I've been working on it on and off since last May - so a year now (!!).    Yes, I'm feeling a little guilty since I'm not closer to finishing it.   I haven't even done any of the infamous Chatelaine specialty stitches on it.

That's the problem with working on a lot of different projects ~ I can still only finish 4-5 large projects a year, no matter how many are in progress.  Since I have more than 4-5 in progress...some just seem like they are taking forever, even though they're definately progressing.

I suppose the pressure is on with Knotgarden  because this IS only one of a series of Chatelaine's Garden Mandalas that I plan on doing...and doing a series means getting one done once in a while, right?  (and I'm not even sure of how many of them I'm going to do...I just know that there's two more on the drawing board so far).

The good news?   Knotgarden is still a joy to work on ~ I love this piece!

I originally taped together a couple sheets of the pattern but I really think that's just been too unwieldy.  I switched over to working on one pattern page, so you can see that I have 2.2 flower urns completed here - poor #3 got cut off because it was at the edge of the page, as did the floral corner motif.  

I also need to go restock some of my floss in the next day or two - I'm running low on quite a few colors.  Fortunately, it's just DMC, which means it's only a few dollars to restock.   Although I've gotten all the beads for Knotgarden, I have NOT yet gotten the silk varigated threads as yet.   I've been debating on whether or not to use them or substitute DMC solids for them, mostly for cost reasons ~ the silk floss adds another $40-$50 minimum to an already-expensive project.   Obviously that's a decision I have to make before I start working on the specialty stitches, which is something I'd like to start soon.

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