Friday, May 14, 2010

Knotgarden after 10 days

As I mentioned, Knotgarden got a couple extra days since the doily project didn't take a full week.   Here it is now:

I'm about a garden gate short of the halfway point now.   The next time Knotgarden comes up in rotation, I'll have to get the silk variegated flosses and start in on some of the speciality stitches.   Should be interesting!  I have done some of them before and the directions make them seem very straightforward.  

I have all the beads for this - there are a TON of them!  Because of the overall project size, I'll have to whip out the handy dandy scroll frame to do the beading....NOT my favorite but it's useful for beading large projects.

Incidentally, since there's no way I would remember which side is "up" and it does make a difference, I have the top edge of the fabric blanket stitched in green (the other 3 sides are in white).   I also have it written all over the pattern that "GREEN IS TOP"  so I don't make a mistake. 

I can perhaps also start thinking about which Chatelaine I might want to do next...hmmmmm...

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Kathy A. said...

Gorgeous - simply gorgeous. I so love the Chatelaine's. They are so intricate.