Saturday, May 29, 2010

My Mirabilia Obsession

Yes, Kathy, another Mirabilia!

And yes...I am obsessed with Mirabilia.   When it comes to stitching, there's Mirabilia, and then there's everything else.   I like a lot of the "everything else" to be sure, particularly Silver Lining.  But they're still "everything else".

I first found Mirabilia in the mid-1990's, and it's been all about them since (although I did take a several-year break from doing a lot of stitching - a dark age, to be sure.)  They were a little above my skill level then; now they're easy and comfortable for me to work on.   If there's a project (one of the "others") that I'm having trouble with or my stitching mojo is a little off....then it's a Mirabilia that I want to work on to get me back.

I'm definately an "old school big Mira" fan...the alphabet fairies and pixie series are just not my cup of tea.   Give me big, bold, and elegant every time.  

I generally plan Mira's in blocks of four.   Sleeping Beauty and Royal Holiday are part of the last block that also included Midsummer Night's Fairy and Mermaid of Atlantis.  The new "block" is The Kiss, Garden Verses, Queen Mermaid and Christmas Elegance.   They are mostly kitted up (but obviously still tweaking as I'm going to get new fabric for QM).  I still need a few bangles for some of them.

Next block of four?   It's still subject to change, but will most likely be:  Rose of Sharon, Venetian Opulence, Rose Celebration, and Enchanted Mermaid.   I also have a few that are tentative after that....Titania, Stone Roses, Christmas Flourishes, Queen of Freedom or Queen of Peace, Deepest Love, My Lady's Garden, etc....there will always be more to do :-)


Kathy A. said...


Her Boudoir said...

LOL You know it!

Trixie said...

I love me some Mira's as well. I always have a good 5 or 6 going at once, and have finished about 20. I do like some of the smaller ones, but not many.

I did both QM and Deepest Love, and yes, they do look so ... coordinated hung together, I only wish someone would have mentioned this to me (or maybe I *could have* figured it out my own self :) and I might have done the same type of fabric for both.

If I might suggest, eyeball some of Silkweavers' Green Apple opalescent. I used it on QM and it turned out lovely. Or you can eyeball mine, my posts (when I *was* posting) are labeled. :)

Happy/Safe Holiday weekend(s)!