Monday, July 26, 2010

Warning....reading this post may result in spending money....

SALE!!!  Yeah, it's my favorite word too.

Picture This Plus is having a Christmas in July sale on their hand dyed fabrics. Add the fabric to your cart and you get at 25% discount taken off....wooo hooo!

(Don't ask.  Blew the non-existent budget.)


Wendy said...

lol, I can just imagine !

Her Boudoir said...

LOL well.

I wasn't terrible. Really. (Well....) Fortunately I only buy for specific projects, so I don't end up with a lot of stashed fabrics without a purpose. That tends to keep me from going through and saying "I want that and I want that and I want that..."

I've wanted a piece of Charm to do Rose Celebration on for about a year now, but always balk at the cost, because I'd need a fat half for it (she's tall!). I also wanted a piece of Mercedes for Enchanted Mermaid, but was going to put off doing that for a while...

Yeah. Ok. I was that bad.