Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I wonder if my mailman knows he's being stalked?

Which is what always happens when I've ordered some cross stitch things and they haven't all quite gotten here yet....

I'm still waiting on my Silkweaver fabric, but that should be here any day now since they said it was shipping last week.    Since that was the "kick off" of my little fabric buying spree and it's the last one to show up, it's inciting some mailman-stalking-behavior on my part LOL.

Meanwhile, I did get some other goodies.

Heidi from Mirabilia Stitchers was doing a little de-stashing and I bought some fat quarters of cashel linen from her for a really good price.   They were colors that I'm very familiar with - confederate grey and waterlilly - and also are very neutral so there's so many things I could use them for.  

Although they won't be used anytime soon, I'm already plotting potential pieces for them.  Size-wise, they're ideal for fairies and mermaids - designs that are just a bit smaller in scope.  

Although I haven't decided yet (and won't for a while), the confederate grey has a few contenders, such as Christmas Flourishes, Lilly of the Woods, Woodland Fairy, and Cottage Garden Fairy.  The waterlillies is perfect for a mermaid - maybe Bluebeard's Princess Mirabila.    Titania would work great on either one of them.  

I got my order in from Picture This Plus yesterday, and have a bit of a dilemma.   I ordered a piece of Mercedes for Enchanted Mermaid, and I think that will be perfect.

There is a particularly dark spot on the fabric and I think if I position it right, I can get her lighter tail to be stitched over that spot, which I think will look really good. 

You'll notice the floss there - Michael's had a 25% off sale on Sunday night only, so I picked up floss for Deepest Love and Enchanted.  I made the mistake of NOT getting floss for Rose Celebration (which was on my list) simply because I had someone waiting for me, and you know how long it takes to both pick out floss and get it rung up....one....skein....at....a....time.

That was a mistake, because now that I got the fabric in for Rose Celebration....I think I might have made a mistake.

It's just SO pink!!!  I knew it was going to be pink but I don't think I realized it was going to be that PINK, you know?  There's also a fair amount of pink in the design.

I have a week to decide if I want to keep it or send the fabric back and exchange it for something that will work better.  I'm going to go ahead and get the floss of her so I can get a better idea of how the colors will work.   If I send the Charm back, I'm leaning towards more beige-y brown backgrounds, like Heritage.


GoldenAngelsWorks said...

I think Rose Celebration might work on that fabric.

Look at this one I found online trying to get an idea about what other color you could use... it is pink.... http://home-and-garden.webshots.com/photo/2591234050056908002aDEMNU

Kathy A. said...

Love all those beautiful fabrics!
And I love that pink. I think it will work well for Rose Celebration.

valerie said...

Great fabric haul! I kind of think it's too pink too...I guess a floss toss will tell!

Her Boudoir said...

Golden, thanks so much for finding that picture....what a beautiful rendition of Rose!

I got the floss today for her, so I'm going to do a floss toss and then decide over the weekend yay or nay.

Andie said...

I love the piece you have chosen for Enchanted! Can't wait to see her on there, I think your rose celebration is going to work great on that fabby too :D Just wondering how you work your rotation?

Her Boudoir said...

Hi Andie,

For the most part, I work on a project from Saturday through Sunday, then switch to another. I keep projects boxed up individually with all their goodies, so switching takes very little time.

Usually every other week is a Mira. I know. I'm obsessed LOL

Sometimes I do just work on something that I really want to do, or spend more/less time than scheduled. When I get to a point where I'm about 3/4 of the way done, I'll often drop out of rotating projects and just try to finish up that one.

On average, I have about 4 large finishes a year.

Right now I have about 8 large projects that I'm rotating. I'm not overly militant about how I rotate projects since this is supposed to be fun, right? :-)

Andie said...

Thanks for that :D

I'm a total Mira addict so totally understand the need for Miras :D

Wendy said...

the fabric for the mermaid is just stunning !
an for the pink fabric, it´s really nice, but indeed, really pink aswell !