Saturday, August 21, 2010

The last of the stash has arrived...

I know.  You were worried ;-)

My sterling silver from Silkweaver arrived yesterday.   As for the color variations on it, it is VERY subtle...so much so that when I first saw it, I wasn't sure if it was hand dyed at all LOL    Honestly, it's not that different from the confederate gray I recently got (although twice as expensive).   All in all though it's true to the color sample on Silkweaver's website and I think it will do nicely for the it's intended projects.

As always, I was compelled to do a floss toss, although it's a great neutral fabric that you could put just about anything on and have it look good.  The blue undertones in the grey make it a really nice alternative for mermaids to using a blue.   

Here's Queen Mermaid.   I think it's a better choice than the Amsterdam blue I was originally going to do her on.  My fat quarter of blue has been returned to stash and I'll pair it up with something else another time.  

There's a lot of bling on Queen Mermaid (which I haven't yet gotten) so I chose a cashel (28 count) instead of my usual belfast (32 count) so that it's not such a struggle to get the Mill Hills to sit straight on.   I am also considering switching over to using Delicata beads in the future, which are slightly smaller than Mill Hills and sit better on 32 count over 2 fabrics like my beloved belfast. 

She'll be the next in line for a Mirabilia start...can't wait!   I think she'll actually work up very quickly, as mermaids seem to do.

And here's her companion, Deepest Love.   There's more blues in the coloring than in Queen Mermaid (which has a lot of greens) which is another reason the gray background works well for both of them.   She has some beading but not quite as much as Queen Mermaid;  again, added bling is on the wish list but I haven't gotten it yet.   

I consider a project ready to start when I have pattern, fabric & floss...I can always buy the beads/metallics later.   So if you're keeping count, that's three Mira mermaids I have ready to go now.  Ack! 

The model for Deepest Love is actually on the Amsterdam Blue I nixed for Queen Mermaid, but I think she'll look lovely on the gray.

I'm not sure when I'll fit in doing Deepest Love, but I figured if I wanted to do her on the same fabric as Queen Mermaid, I needed to buy the fabric at the same time, especially as it's a hand-dyed.  

I'm really happy that I decided to do these two as "companion" pieces.   Having the same fabric really pulls them together I think, and eventually (when I hit the lottery and can catch up on my framing) I'll have them framed in the same frame, same size.   I may not ever hang them together but I like having that as an option.

So I performed surgery very carefully and split my fat half of fabric into two fat quarters and have packed away these lovely fish for now. 


Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

Lovely stash! The mermaids are so pretty.

Ginny said...

Your fabric choices are lovely! I've recently found your blog and you have inspired me to do something I have never done before-do more than one project at a time and rotate them. I love all of the projects you have posted and I too love Mirabilia's. Looking forward to seeing your progress on the mermaids.

Tracy J said...

I am currently stitching deepest love with converted colors. I am not even halfway done but once I get more done, if you like the colors, let me know and I will send you my conversion.

Juliaoz said...

Could you let me know what Sterling Silver comes close to in DMC terms please? I have been trying to decide on a fabric for Mirabilia Mays Emerald Fairy & I love the soft look of your piece of fabric.

Thank you so much

Her Boudoir said...

Hi Julia!

Unfortunately I don't have a full range of DMC so I don't seem to have a color that quite matches it. I did have a peek at the Mira fabric viewer though - have you tried that? Here's the link: http://home.comcast.net/~thutmosis/MiraViewer/MiraViewer.htm

I put your design with that fabric and I think it works VERY well. Very handy,that fabric viewer! That's what I use for finding almost all of my fabric choices.