Wednesday, November 10, 2010

It's always in the last place you look...

I made it a mission to find my camera this morning, and of course, I did.   I remembered taking it out of my purse and putting it aside so I could put the husband's camera in there, and for some reason I remembered doing that in the kitchen.  Nope.  It flashed on me that I may have done it in the car, so off to the glove compartment and there it was.   Doh!

Because really....what's an update without a picture?

Here she is:

Yes.   That IS in fact some of her hair being filled in...woot!

So what's left on her?   Primarily just her head and the white fur cuff along the bottom.   There's a few little areas to fill in like the scrollwork on her skirt and other areas where I need to add the (currently) missing Kreinik.   Off to the store.

The original model of Royal Holiday is done on Chestnut belfast, which is quite a bit darker than the Cream belfast that I chose for my version.    The Chestnut background really made the fur trim on her cloak pop, which the Cream does not do, so I'm going to add some backstitching in there to compensate I think - there isn't any on the pattern.

Almost there!

I will mention....the front page of my blog gets a little visually boring to me when I'm working on fiinishing a project.   All RH, all the time LOL....at least when I'm rotating projects, it's very interesting with lots of different pictures.  


Bev said...

she is stunning i cant wait to start her but i am still waiting for my fabric to come from silkweavers, i may buy tigerlilt until i can start her

GoldenAngelsWorks said...

Absolutely stunning!

Terri said...

Absolutely amazing. I love it

Anne said...

She's so beautiful!!! I really like your stitching

Always smiling said...

This is beautiful, hope to see her finished... just read your mail on the Celtic Lady blog so hope to see your Lady on that too.
I am stitching Summer and am determined to get her finished by Jan 1st 2011!
Happy Stitching

Chris x

Wendy said...

royal holiday looks lovely, really festive with those colors !
just a question, do you leave the places where the beads are supposed to come open, of fill them in with stitches ?

Her Boudoir said...

Hi Wendy,

I wait until all the stitching is done before I add the beads, so any beaded areas are left "open" until then.

Because I use Qsnaps, I don't like to bead as I go along as I don't want to put the snaps over the beads (possible breakage, etc).

But the fun thing is that once I hit the beading stage, a finish is only a few hours away!


Misborda2 said...

Happy New Year 2011!!!
May all your wishes come true!!!
Best wishes from Spain, Laura