Monday, March 14, 2011

Spring is coming!

Or coming along, anyway!

I opted to work on Celtic Spring for a little while this week and made some great progress with her skirt. I need to pick up some gold metallic for her skirt, as there's quite a bit of it throughout and I would prefer to fill some of it in as I move along.

I really like the blending of the lavenders - the 200 series in DMC - and might opt to steal those colors for the lavender conversion of Rose of Sharon I have planned for sometime in the future. I haven't quite nailed down the colors I wanted to do for that, so I might make it simple on myself and just swipe them from Celtic Spring.


Rachel said...

Rose of Sharon in purple would be so dreamy!! (I'm very much a purple girl!) I love stitching on Celtic Spring, the purples made it so easy to keep at it :) You are making great progress. She stitches up pretty quick compared to the Miras (in my opinion anyway!)

Ruth said...

Its a beautiful piece and you are making terrific progress.