Monday, January 19, 2009

Mermaids of the Deep Blue Framed!

Well it's always a good day when I actually get a piece framed! My boyfriend offered to pay to have one done as a Christmas present, so I picked Mermaids. I had originally intended to mat the piece, but after playing around with various colors, I opted to go with a more simple antique gold frame and no mat. I absolutely think that was the right choice for this piece. It's also got the UV treated glass to help protect it from the sun.

The only issue is that the Mermaids are tilted ever so slightly forward, so slight that I'm probably the only person that will ever notice it. Argh. Anyway, I opted not to have them fix it because as I said - it's very minor. I'm always hypercritical of my own work LOL

For now, I'll be hanging it above my desk in my room, but I think Mermaids is ultimately destined to be in a powder room.

Framing was done at Eland Galleries, Phoenixville, PA.


Sari said...

It is really beautiful!! Congratulations!

Anita said...

It is absolutely beautiful. Wonderful work. I don't think anyone will tell that it is slightly tilted, unless you tell them that. And if they do, just tell them its supposed to be that way LOL.