Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Introducing Gremlin

I had a question about the critter getting a belly rub on my profile picture, so I thought I'd introduce her here. Her name is Gremlin, and she's a 5 year old peach faced lovebird, silver pied color mutation. I was in contact with the breeder when she was just an egg, and we "met" when she was about 4 weeks old. At the time, she was bouncing around with the other chicks following her (looking like a little alien with only half her feathers in) and came right up to me with a "who the hell are you" attitude. She came home with me a couple of weeks later.

Gremlin spends most of her life living up to her name - she's full of mischief, as most lovebirds are. No, you don't have to keep lovies in pairs - they're actually more friendly with their human family if they're singles. She does have a buddy - my cockatiel Piper, who lives in the cage next door. While Gremlin doesn't like to be handled by most people, she'll happily roll over and get a belly rub from me. She's a bit hard to photograph when up to her usual antics because she's very alert and immediately gets defensive when the camera comes out LOL

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stitchhappyinMI said...

Your Gremlin is a real pretty bird. Although I am not a bird person I love to watch them in their day to day activities.