Saturday, March 14, 2009

Old Stuff

One of my primary reasons for wanting to have a blog was to start cataloging some of the needlework and other projects that I'm doing now, and to also show some things I've done in the past. So on that, here are two of my favorite cross stitch pieces that I've given to my parents.

This is from 1999 (I'm really glad I date my large pieces, otherwise I'd never remember!). It was supposed to be a bellpull, but I never did find bellpull hardware that I really liked, so my mom went ahead and had it framed. It's DMC floss on 28 count linen so 3 threads, no backstitching, and very simple colors. I really don't remember the designer or name of the design, but my mom has always liked Jacobean style florals, so she really loved this pattern. I loved that it only took me about 2 weeks to finish the piece.

This is from 2003; it's called "Dream Lover" and thus far is the only piece I've completed from Silver Lining (I've started another iris called Edith Wolford that is purple and orange). I made several trips to visit my folks during the period where I was working on this, and was informed - repeatedly - by my father about how much he loves irises, and did I know irises are his favorite, and that he really loves this piece, and by the way, did I know how much he loves irises? So guess what dad got for Christmas....? Ah well.

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