Monday, May 04, 2009

Five Weeks

I began low carbing again five weeks ago. Things that have changed:

- I no longer have to keep track of my water. I just always have a mug of it and have no problem drinking about 90 -100 oz a day.

- My barely-fitting jeans now not only fit WITHOUT a muffin top, they're verging on baggy

- I automatically eat what I'm supposed to without thinking much about it other than to plan meals ahead, without feeling deprived, without jonesing for stuff I shouldn't have.

- The chip addiction has been broken - I no longer prowl around hunting for bad stuff to snack on, especially when I really do not need a snack. If I want a snack, I have a deviled egg or some cheese and then I'm done.

- I have successfully eaten out at least twice a week the whole time. I don't stress over it - I just make sure I go to places that I know I can find something appropriate.

- When I've had a rough day and feel the need to treat myself, I don't think to treat myself with chocolate or a donut. It's a new paperback book or some cross stitch supplies or some really great body lotion.

- I eat far more veggies on a regular basis than I did previously

- I know I have to get on the scale tomorrow morning, and that's a good thing, rather than something to be dreaded

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