Tuesday, May 05, 2009

So, What's Next?

Now that the Queens are finished, I'm getting asked what's next for my cross stitch projects.

For the moment, I'm going to be giving a little TLC to some of my other works in progress. I'm currently working on "Meeting on the Turret Stairs" again, which is an Artecy cross stitch reproduction of the Burton painting. I'm working on an 18 count Aida for this - normally I don't use Aida but since there's none of the background showing it was a good choice.

And of course, there is Midsummer Night's Fairy, Crytal Symphony, and Edith Wolford to work on as well.

I will be starting Sleeping Beauty by Mirabilia soon. I've had her kitted up for several months, and it's been gnawing at me to get her going. I have a piece of PtP Fathom 32 count lugana for her; I trimmed it down last night, and there will be enough leftover to do Mermaid of Atlantis on as well. I also have My Sweet Rose from Artecy fully kitted, but I don't think I'll start that until Turret is finished.

I am going to be starting another series as well. Although I love my Mirabilias, I want to do something very different from the ladies, so I've decided to do some of the Garden Mandalas from Chatelaine. I will probably not do all of them, but on the hit list are Knotgarden, Watergarden, Alhambra Garden and Misty Morning Vineyard. That should keep me busy for the next ten years, eh?


Anonymous said...

Lots of choice there! PTP Phantom is one of my favourite fabric colours. I have stitched a couple of Chatelaines, they will definitely keep you busy, but be careful as they are very addictive!

islandgirlA/alicia in Hawaii said...

Thanks for the inspiration to hop over to Chatelaine. Now I'm lost there. Can't wait to see what you start with them...and follow the progress as well. Great finish on those Queens and I'm looking forward to your progress on these projects as well.
alicia in Hawaii

Fatema ( SL ) said...

I really cant wait to see more of this...

Patchesmany said...

I love Watergarden and Misty Morning Vineyard. Did you see the Desert one that is starting soon?

HerBoudoir said...

It seems as if there are a couple new Mystery Chatelaines coming up! I have to admit - since I haven't done one before, I would prefer to do one where I can see the whole design from the beginning. Maybe next time!