Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Land of Not-Quite-Finished Projects Part 1

Like most stitchers, I have a box full of not-quite-finished projects. We all have them - projects that we've finished stitching but haven't framed or made into anything.

With me, there's the pile that I will get framed at some point, like the Four Queens, Fairy Idyll, Edith Wolford. I just don't currently have the funds to do so, but I'll catch up at some point.

Then there's all the other pieces that I no doubt stitched with some purpose, but never did anything with them other than store for a later time. I thought I'd share some, so I'm starting a "Land of Not-Quite-Finished" series. Some of them I will perhaps do something with; others will never do anything but sit in the box until I give them away or toss them out.

I'll start with this lovely teacup:

This is the first piece that I ever completed on evenweave as opposed to Aida, circa 1995-ish. I'd tried a project on linen previously and has nothing but problems with it and gave it up. Some time after that I decided to do a small project and just muscle through it, hence this teacup. It was really what I needed to do; I've been stitching on evenweaves/linens ever since.


Chiloe said...

Yes, we all have those, started in the enthousiasm of the new project barely brought home from the store ;-) ( and then it took more time than we thought it would and we had to start the next one sooooooooo cute !!! ) Live and tell !!!! ;-)

Carol's Stitching said...

Instead of tossing them; see if a senior center or church would want them. You may find a home for your stitching that will be appreciated for years to come. Just a thought.