Friday, February 26, 2010

Six Flower Pots and a Gate

....down, eighteen flower pots and three gates to go.

Obviously, I got a little work done on Knotgarden over last weekend.

I actually am out of one of the floss colors (a medium pink) so I still have to fill that in once I make a floss run.


Josie said...

lovely. I want to try one of those one day.

HerBoudoir said...

If you like this pattern, I think it's one of the easier Chatelaine's to do. Many of the patterns have over-1 stitching and use far more specialty threads, which makes them harder to do AND more expensive.

Knotgarden has a lot of beads and some specialty threads but still uses a lot of regular cross stitching and DMC floss. There are a lot of eyelets and specialty stitches,but the chart has very clear diagrams for it.

Yes, I *did* chose this Chatelaine for a reason LOL

Debs said...

Beautiful. Someday I will become brave and tackle one of these.

Terri said...

Looks great :)