Saturday, March 13, 2010

Just for Fun...

....So I've come to the conclusion that I enjoy planning future projects almost as much as I enjoy stitching current ones.   I'm always looking to "what's next" in the pipeline.  If you look at the links on the side of the blog, there's "Boudoir Projects" with links to what the finished project will will like of all the ones I'm working on and ones that I have kitted and want to start soon.  There is also the "Boudoir Wish List" of projects I would love to do:  I may or may not have the pattern and I might even be in some stage of kitting it up. 

Whenever I get close to finishing a project, the urge to get started on something new is always really strong...lol....not that it's never not there.  (Yes.  I am a cross stitch junkie.  I'm ok with that.)

Right now, I'm trying to finish up a couple of projects since I somehow ended up with seven large in-progress projects.  Mermaid of Atlantis is nearly finished;  of the other projects I have in progress, Meeting on the Turret Stairs and Midsummer Night's Fairy are probably closest to being completed.   Although I liked my experiment last year with working on one project every week then moving on to the next, I would really like to finish some of the "in progresses" so I can start adding in some of the kitted projects up.

Beyond those?  Grand plans, always grand plans. 

There's always a long list of Mirabilias and Silver Linings that I want to do.   They're by far my favorite designers and I will always have a couple of them going.   I have several Miras in some stage of kitting:  Garden Verses, The Kiss, Christmas Elegance, and Queen Mermaid, and two SL's - Broadway and Purple Perfection.   Beyond that, more Miras are calling to me:  Venetian Opulence, Rose Celebration, Rose of Sharon, Enchanted Mermaid are probably up next to be kitted.  Others I would love to do include Sabrina, Bluebeard's Princess, Lady of the Mist, White Christmas, Petal and Bliss as a pair, Lilly of the Woods, Titania, Queen of Peace, Adia, Deepest Love, Christmas Flourishes, Stone Roses, English Roses, My Lady's Garden.....and the list goes on and on.  Some of the patterns I have, but not all.  I wouldn't even know where to start with Silver Linings LOL  I haven't done nearly as many of them as I have Miras, but they stitch up faster in general.  I love the botanical feel of his designs, the details, the fact that he features my favorite two flowers so often (roses and irises).  It would probably be easier to list the ones that I do NOT care for LOL  ah well.

There's the Chatelaine series plan - I'm already working on Knotgarden, and I definately will be doing Alhambra Garden and Watergarden.  There will be at least one more of the garden mandala series added to that, but as the designer keeps adding new ones, well...we'll have to wait and see which one that will be :-)

I will, someday, tackle Flower Power.  It's a huge project - to do it on 28 count fabric (necessary because the bugs and the hummingbirds are done over one) requires a full yard of fabric.   Since I stitch with a hand held Qsnap frame, doing it as one piece is problematic - lots of excess fabric to hold back.   The other issue is where to hang it when it's framed  - again, it's a huge piece and will weigh a ton.  (ok ok I *know* that I rarely worry about where a piece will go or how it fits in when I stitch it....) Because of this, I've been tossing around the idea of splitting the whole design into three panels - the flowers will just be "cut" at the third mark so they will overlap onto the next panel, and if I need to move the bugs & birds around to fit better, then that's fine.  I'd frame each piece to match then I'd have the option of hanging them as a series or individually.

I've also always loved the Celtic series from Lavender and Lace.  I always loved Noel; and of course there's the four seasonals now as well.  Of course, I have the four seasonals done from Mirabilia and am working on Royal Holiday....do I really need two sets of seasonals?  And really, what does need have to do with it?

I've come to the obvious conclusion:  I need to hit a big lottery.  A BIG one.  I can't work because I need to spend the time stitching, I need to be able to afford all the supplies AND all the framing, plus I'll need to buy a huge house in which to hang it all.

Off to buy a lottery ticket.....enjoy your weekend and make sure you dream a little about something beautiful.


Anonymous said...

Hope you win that lottery my friend.. That flower power design is gorgeous, and I love your idea of fitting it into three panels.

Andie said...

I hope you win the lottery too :D Yes I am always dreaming and planning too, And I have decided this is the year to get my wips under control :D