Thursday, April 15, 2010

Giving Away Good Stuff!

In an effort to curtail my overflowing pattern collection, I am GIVING AWAY the patterns for my two latest finishes, Midsummer Night's Fairy AND Mermaid of Atlantis.  You've seen them, you've admired them, now you can own them :-)  Both patterns are only VERY gently used and in great condition.

And not ONLY will these lovely patterns being given away but I'm also included all the extra beads and specialty threads leftover with these projects in with the pattern.   There aren't enough goodies to completely do the whole project, but they'll get you started and save you from having to buy some of the bling.  How cool is that?

To enter for the give-away:  

1.  You must be a follower of this blog (yes, you can sign up now)
2.  Leave a comment on this post!  Indicate which pattern you'd like to win, Mermaid of Atlantis OR Midsummer Night's Fairy OR Either.   All entries must be received by 8 am EST, Wednesday, April 21st.
3.  The winners will be posted on this blog on Wednesday, April 21thMake sure to check the blog and if you won, drop me an email at HerBoudoir@aol.com with your address, and I'll get your pattern & goodies out to you.  

The winners will be picked by a fairly scientific process:  I'll write names on scraps of paper, toss them into a bowl, and pick them at random. 

The Not-So-Fine-Print:

1. You must live in the continental US (sorry - my postage budget doesn't stretch further than that)
2. Obvious but true: if you win you'll need to email me your address.
3. Winners will have a week to contact me with their address.  If I don't hear from you, the patterns will be given to someone else at my discretion.

Note:  Support your favorite cross stitch designers by buying patterns new whenever possible - buying used patterns does not financially support them!   If they can't make a reasonable profit designing the cross stitch patterns we love so much, they will no longer be able to design for us.  I am giving away these two patterns because for some reason, I have two copies of both.  I bought one for you AND one for me apparently LOL.


Jolyn said...

Hi Sue,

I would love to win Mermaid of Atlantis. Seeing your Midsummer Night's Fairy makes me want to start mine. But I need to finish Titania.

GoldenAngelsWorks said...

I would love to be included in your drawing. I love them both! Thank you for this opportunity to join in on the fun!

Dottie Paullin Kornafel said...

I love them both but would really like to win Midsummer Night Fairy.
Both are beautiful designs and you've done a great stitching job.
Dottie K

Christy said...

Hi.. I have been reading your blog for a while now.. and have enjoyed it! I too would like to enter your little contest for Mermaid of Atlantis. :) Thanks so much!


Meari said...

Awesome giveaway. Please throw my name in the drawing for Midsummer Night's Fairy. Sh'es beautiful.

dkingmatt said...


I've been a reader but never posted before. Gremlin is adorable! I would love to be considered for either pattern. I've not done a Mirabilia but would love to do so.

Rhonda said...

Beautiful stitching as always. I would like a chance at winning the Mermaid. Think I may follow your lead and do the same thing on my blog sometime.

Kellie said...

I would love a chance to win Mermaid of Atlantis. She is beautiful and one that I do not already have. I love Mirabilia, so I am not sure how this one has not made it into my stash yet. LOL!

Thanks for the chance!

beverly said...

I would love to be considered for a chance to win Midsummer Night's Fairy! She has been on my wish list for some time now :)

Thanks for the opportunity!

valerie said...

Beautiful finish! She's stunning with all her bling! I'd love to be entered in the Mermaid of Atlantis drawing. I am itching to start a Mira soon...just don't know which one! :)

Anne Sans Tete said...

I'd love to be entered for either one- thanks!!!

- Lisa N.

Lisa said...

I'd love to be considered for either one!!

Vanessa said...

Love all Miribilia work - Mermaid of Atlantis - I have the other one already :) still working on her :) Bling and all :)
butterflyjones03 At yahoo DOt Com

Elena said...

Love both of these designs. I would love to be considered for either one.