Friday, April 16, 2010

To Clarify....

I mentioned that Midsummer is my 10th Mirabilia finish, and someone emailed and asked if that is what the "10" that's embroidered on her is for.   That's actually for "2010" as I always "sign" finished pieces with my initials (SMW) and the last 2 numbers of the year so I can keep track of when I stitched it. 

Same email asked what the other Miras were, so in order, they are:

1.  1999 - The Dreamer
2.  1999 - Spring Queen
3.  2008 - Mermaids of the Deep Blue
4.  2008 - Autumn Queen
5.  2008 - Winter Queen
6.  2009 - Fairy Idyll
7.  2009 - Crystal Symphony
8.  2009 - Summer Queen
9.  2010 - Mermaid of Atlantis
10.  2010 - Midsummer Night's Fairy

#11 and #12 should be Sleeping Beauty and Royal Holiday, as both of those are in progress.   The ones after that should be Garden Verses, The Kiss, Christmas Elegance, and Queen Mermaid, but not sure in what order ~ they are all in some stage of being kitted up.

Incidentally, after I get married in October, my initials will still be "SMW" so that's VERY convenient.


GoldenAngelsWorks said...

I guess I am loosing my touch. I did not even see where you signed... I went back to look. Great job!

Her Boudoir said...

No worries! I do it in a thread similar to the background fabric color to be somewhat subtle. I'm glad I date things though, otherwise I'd never remember when I finished them!

Jade said...

What an inspiration! I have so many Miras in my stash and WL, and sometimes wonder if I ever get to finish any.