Saturday, August 07, 2010

Introducing Garden Verses

Obviously working on three Mirabilia projects at once isn't enough, particularly when one is so close to being finished.   And so, I indulged a little bit (ok a lot) and started on a new one this past week.

With my love of the Queens, it's no surprise that Garden Verses is a favorite as well.  She's #4 of the Mirabilias (there's over 100 Miras now), so quite an old design, relatively speaking.   Like most of the older Miras, there's not so much bling on her - no beading at all and just some gold blending filament.

The colors are rich and royal with purples and burgandies, which is why I consider her at least a first cousin of the Queens.  

I had a good couple of days working on her this week so here's where I got:

I usually start in the middle of the pattern so this is her lap area.  The fabric is Apricot belfast (closest DMC color is 948 to give you an idea) which I'm also doing The Kiss on.  Because of her size, Garden Verses needed a fat half of the fabric;  there was enough leftover that I could squeeze The Kiss on, and the fabric color works for them as well.  

So if you remember in the previous post, I was trying to get as much of the golden-yellow-brown skirt done as possible on Royal.   This is why - Garden Verses has an identical color palette for the main dress.   For that matter, there are quite a few Mirabilias that use these colors for the dress.   Of Miras that I've done, Fairy Idyll, Autumn Queen and The Dreamer all feature dresses in this floss color range;   now Royal and Garden both are wearing the same colors.   For future Mira projects that I'm doing, Rose Celebration, Venetian Opulence, and Rose of Sharon also have tawny yellow dresses (I will be changing the color of Rose of Sharon's dress though).  

You would think that all these ladies would check with each other to make sure they're not all wearing the same thing, wouldn't you?   Apparently not.


Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

Fantastic start! Of course, if they all show up at the party together, they won't clash - always a good thing!

valerie said...

Wow, great progress for just two days of stitching!