Saturday, September 25, 2010

Queen Mermaid

A finish always calls for a new start, doesn't it?

And so I got started on Queen Mermaid (yes, another Mirabilia) this week.   The fabric is Sterling Silver cashel linen from Silweaver, which has a lovely blue-silver tone to it, perfect for mermaids.   She's the first start of a Mirabilia since I decided to switch over to 28 count fabrics for anything that has a lot of beading on it.   I prefer stitching on 32 count fabric for sure, but I think when it comes to getting all the beads on, I'll be happier with that decision - I hate having to struggle to make them fit or leave out rows of them because they just won't. 

Mirabilia mermaids just seem to stitch up very quickly, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.  They tend to be a bit smaller than the Grand Ladies that I like - for the most part, they comfortably fit on fat quarter size fabrics.    I need to order the bling for her as I'll need the metallics sooner rather than later.  She has lots of beads and treasures as well (of course!).

I'll probably continue stitching her over the weekend simply because I'm really enjoying myself.


Wendy said...

she looks lovely !
makes me itch to sart on Waiting for Ships, but I promissed myself not to start any new projects until I finnish the dancer.
ok ok, strike that, no new BIG projects that is............

stil itchy though !

Blu said...

She looks great! The mermaids do stitch up real fast, don't they? Practically the entire tail done in just a week.

Andie said...

Gosh you have gotten heaps done! Gonna be gorgeous too!!

Kathy A. said...

Beautiful new choice!